Who We Are

We are BioSig-ID™, an ID verification system using software-only biometrics to secure your digital assets. Don't believe us? Well, prove us wrong and win $500! Just click the link below to try and crack one of our biometric passwords. We will even give you a hint as to what the password is!

Hint: The password is "Mom"

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How BioSig-ID Works

It only takes 5 seconds using just your finger or mouse to ensure the person who registered online is the same person who accesses the bank account, healthcare portal, e-commerce site or online exam using gesture biometrics. The way it works is the user draws or signs their pass code (usually 4 letters or numbers) on a drawing area that appears on the screen of any device they are using. Once they create this enrollment, BioSig-ID assesses the pass code’s unique pattern of length, angle, speed, height, number of strokes and stores the information in an encrypted database.  This data is compared to the patterns collected by the user’s subsequent logins, confirming that the person who registered is the same person trying to access the locked account.  Only the same user who successfully authenticates themselves against a previously created enrollment profile can access the account, healthcare portal, e-commerce site or online exam. Imposters are stopped from proceeding immediately. In mere seconds and with only 3-4 characters, we establish a positive or negative identification in this SaaS based model. You  even get to bring your own device(s) and can create multiple secret pass codes respecting different screen sizes. Read more...

Test Drive BioSig-ID™

  • Watch this quick 2 minute video before test driving.
  • The weaker you make your password the easier it is to duplicate.
  • To make your password stronger please review our advanced tips video: www.biosig-id.com/videos/advanced-tips/.
  • As with all passwords, keep your BioSig-ID™ passwords private - DO NOT SHARE.
  • BioSig-ID audit trail and Suspicious Activity Reports can detect cheating. 


       When you are ready, click here to take the test drive.




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